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Our Emergency Department team of medical professionals has made a commitment to see patients within 30 minutes.
Cardio Care
1-    Providing excellent medical service for the patients.
2-    Providing support to other medical departments inside the hospital.
3-    Providng medical updated medical knowledge to the medical students.
4-    Contimous improvement of the services provided by the department.
5-    The department is committed to develop honorable physician who is capable of applying the national standards of medical care, dealing with the patient effectively & ethically. This will be accomplished through a distiguished educational process.
6-    To provide a graduate with all competencies essential for working as a primary health care physician & solving community health problems.
7-    To provide lifelong learning through supporting scientific research & preparing graduates for post-graduate training.
1-    Cardiology is an integral part of medical services & medical knowledge.
2-    Keeping updated to the medical knowledge especially in the cardiology field is a must.
3-    The department should provide a world-class medical service through providing academic excllence & setting the direction of health care education & research.
1 – Teaching rounds for students & residenet physicsians.
2- Weekly scientific meeting every Monday ( Meet the experts ) for the most interesting cases & recent subjects update.
3- Two annual syposium for echocardiography & peripheral intervention.
4- Annual conference ( CVIS ) cardiovascular science & intevervention in calloporation with Egyptian society of cardiology, society of echocardiography, society of thrombosis, Cairo university (Critical care unit, Dr. Sherif Mokhtar)National Heart Institute, Alexandria university, Military Medical Academy & Ministry of Health; joined by experts from European society of Cardiology. Eight annual conferences were held uptil now, with the attendance of a large caliber professors all-over the world & from egypt:
Examples of the professors participated in such events:
a) from Egypt:
 1- Professor Ali Ramzy, the vice president of egyptian society of cardiology.
 2- Professor Mohammed Sobhy: president of egyptian society of cardiology.
 3- Professor Adel Imam: National heart institute.
 4- Professor Mokhtar Gomaa: Al-Azhar university.
 5- Professor Ezz Al-Sawy: Al-Azhar unversity.
 6- Professor Adel Al-Etriby: Chairman of cardiology depatment, Ain Shams
 7- Professor Omar Awwad: Ain-Shams university.
 8- Professor Sherif Mokhtar: Vice president of critical care, Cairo univesrity
b) From abroad:
 1- Professor Jean Fagadet: France
 2- Professor Jean Pernez: France
 3- Professor Remo Albiero: Italy
 4- Professor Fabiola Suzzi: Italy
 5- Professor Francois Bourlon: France
 6- Professor Patrick Dupouy: France