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Our Emergency Department team of medical professionals has made a commitment to see patients within 30 minutes.
Laboratory Unit (--Out Patient--)
Mission of 6 October hospital Lab
-         The Lab provides the best medical service for patients at different levels of society in 6 October City, and also to staff working in the hospital and their family's .These services are provided either with full charge or for free for poor patients.
-         The Lab also aims to raise the skills of the working staff in the lab.
-         Most recent techniques and equipments are used in our lab with applying quality assurance measures.
-         The Target of the lab is to be one of the best lab providing this medical services in the area compared to institutes providing the same services , by using the most recent and accurate measures in laboratory field .
-         The Lab works 24hrs 7 days a week. Services    are provided to in patients and out patients.
-         More than 100 patients visit the lab  daily.
-         The lab is divided into 8 main unites.
1)    Clinical chemistry unit.
2)    Hematology Unit.
3)    Parasitological unit.
4)    Microbiology unit.
5)    Pathology unit.
6)    Storage blood bank unit.
7)    Immunology unit.
8)    Sampling unit.
-         All units are provided with the advanced lab equipment which are in the laboratory field  supervised by high caliber of professor doctors from different universities
-          Control measure twice per day.
-         Staff working in the lab includes.
a)     Head of the department professor doctor from Cairo university
b)    3 specialist doctors.
c)     11 chemist and technician.
d)    3 sectaries working in reception and writing the lab results.