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Our Emergency Department team of medical professionals has made a commitment to see patients within 30 minutes.

      - Provide high-quality medical service through highly equipped outpatient clinics, and investigative and operative facilities.

      - To develop highly trained physicians who are capable to deal with patients' health problems efficiently, effectively and ethically.

- Our mission also includes the contribution to ophthalmic research in order to supply the surrounding community with the cut edge medical care and to train future specialists in ophthalmology.


       - To graduate competent physicians who are able to practise medicine ethically and effectively.

      -  To train students on self-learning.

      -  To provide efficient and competent health services.

Medical Staff & Human Resources:

-          Prof. Dr. Magdy Morshed M.D.(professor & head of the ophthalmology department).

-          Dr. Tamer Hassan El_Sersy M.D. FRCSed.(lecturer of ophthalmology).

-          Dr. Mohammed Alaa Eldin El Esawy Msc. (assistant lecturer of ophthalomology).

-          Dr. Abo Obeida (resident in the ophthalmology department).

Services provided:

Out patient clinics:

-          General (educative) clinic.

-          Special Clinics for Cataract, Glaucoma clinic, Cornea & Refractive Clinic, Strabismus (Squint), Oculoplasty and Retina clinics.

Investigative facilities:

-          Calculation of IOL power (biometry)

-         Ultrasonographic ocular examination

Operative Intervention:

-          Cataract surgery (phacoemulsification & extracapsular cataract extraction).

-          Glaucoma surgery.

-          Squint surgery.

        . Oculo-plastic surgery      -