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Our Emergency Department team of medical professionals has made a commitment to see patients within 30 minutes.


Our mission is to offer highly quality medical services for 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, all the year through to the patients in 6th of October City and the surrounding areas, especially for the critical cases. We prepare our department and staff to work as a compatible hospital while receiving all types of emergency cases (either emergency cases or cold cases).


We are looking forward to be the top emergency center in the region.

Staff and human resources:

-          Six specialists with good experience in emergency medicine.

-          Five residents

-          The ability to consult doctors from different specialties

-           A Chief and 12  nurses well trained for ER

Facilities of the department:

-          Well equipped patient reception area to deal with 4 cases at the same time and provide the basic medical services (examination, injection, infusion, taking samples, nebulizer, ECG…) 

-          Resuscitation room area: very well-equipped with the most recent equipment and devices and ready to act efficiently in cardiopulmonary arrest situations. 

-          Minor surgery room: for minor procedures under local anesthesia. 

-          Orthopedic room: to deal with orthopedic cases management (cast, slap, reduction of fractures & dislocation ) 

-          Emergency surgery room for the one day operations under general anesthesia, provided with post operative care room with 2 beds. 

-          A big recovery room for cases that need observation and for critical cases. 

-          Two well-equipped ambulance cars to transfer cases to and from the hospital 24 h/ day.

      The department services are available for 24 hours/day for 7 days/ week.

Number of admitted cases:

About 1500 cases/month in different medical branches.