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Our Emergency Department team of medical professionals has made a commitment to see patients within 30 minutes.
Mission of 6 October hospital Lab

Providing the best laboratory service for patients in 6 October City using the most  

  recent techniques and equipment in respect to applying the quality assurance measures.


-       Raising and developing the skills of the working staff in the lab.




     Our target is to be one of the best labs that provide a distinct and competent 

     medical service in the area by using the most recent and accurate techniques

     in  the laboratory field.


Staff and human Resources:

-  Prof. Dr.Nahed Abdel-Wahab. Head of the department.

- Dr. Reham El-Sheemy (Consultant).

- Dr.Amr Saleh (Lecturer) 

- Dr. Eman helmy (Specialist).

-  Eleven chemist and medical technicians.

- Three secretaries.

Facilities and service provided:

-    Services are provided to both inpatients and outpatients.

-         The Lab works 24hrs 7 days a week.

-     More than 100 patients visit the lab daily.

The lab includes the following units:-

1)    Clinical Chemistry Unit. 

2)    Hematology Unit.

3)    Parasitological Unit 

4)    Microbiology Unit.

5)    Pathology Unit.

6)    Storage blood bank Unit.

7)    Immunology Unit.

8)    Sampling Unit.

-         All units are provided with the latest lab equipment.

-          Control measures are applied twice a day.