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Our Emergency Department team of medical professionals has made a commitment to see patients within 30 minutes.
Our vision
To be the hospital of choice for patients , physicians and employees because of our eminent patient care and teaching programs .
To be practical center of choice for residents and health care professionals
To be the regional destination provider of innovative and complex care
Our Mission
To offer comprehensive servias in as environment where inn ovation and teaching are integral to care ; where we are proud to serve patients and one another; where meeting the challenge of complex medical needs is viewed as a defining competency and where quality and safety of care are a constant .
Our values
Patient _ centered care
We are guided by the needs of the patient, creating apart her ship that is effective and personal across the continuum of care
Continuous Learning
We actively support out standing programs of education and research designed to encourage the acquisition of knowledge and skills that are of value th the organization and the community
We actively develop partner ships that will improve our community and as stewards of a public trust we ensure informed and dignified care for all patients regardless of their ability to pay