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Our Emergency Department team of medical professionals has made a commitment to see patients within 30 minutes.
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Accept Patients
1-    Entry procedures for the internal sections are completed by the staff of the Office of Entry, where patients are accepted either as individuals or entities contracting the hospital and is editing the entry model and determine the entry point of the patient and are divided into: -
-         Emergencies: are accepted by the patient Rnet or proof inform identity and of the Administration to address the contracting authority.
-         Hospital Cases :
A - In the outpatient clinic: to be a consent from the entry.
B - adapter with a letter from the contracting authority: accept immediately.
C - special cases for the doctor and signed a contract within the hospital need to submit a letter from the contracting company and his doctor The patient or one of his relatives signed in all cases prior to the recognition of the  private hospital and that of the commitment of patients to pay the value of money borne by the company or in case of unability to bring  an agreement letter, he / she shall pay cash in full  according to contracting price.

2-    If patient wants to engage in higher degree than specified in the letter. Patient be committed by the differences of residence according to evidence and it also pays the amount  of insurance in advance according to the insurance system selected depending on the degree of accommodation required.
3-    If patient entered the in a certain degree he/ she  and had an operation or examination or otherwise and wanted to move to a higher degree, he / she  has to pay  the difference in accommodation based on  prices of the degree to which it wishes to move since the date of transition .  The payment in advance before moving on to the higher grade.
4-    For some conditions such as brain and heart operations and upon the recommendation of the attending  physician , the transfer of the patient to a room with one bed or transferred to the intensive care unit instead of the class contained in the letter of referral without   recourse from the Contracting Authority and the patient continues in this class to allow his reinstatement to the point of origin and accounting according tothe basis of the actual residence  of each Class  with  notification of the contracting authority in writing.
5-    In the case of entry of the patient as a special case and then brought a letter from  his work  and this party contracting with the hospital. The patient will pay as case contracted from the date of entry to  the hospital and recovering insurance paid at the entrance  with payment of the cost   of any difference  to establish a higher degree than division contracted .
6-    All medical services performed outside the hospital for patientswith internal section added to the cost of service plus 12% administrative expenses of the total cost of the service performed and not   covered by the discount granted to the company.
System acceptance of patients belonging to companiesand trade unions contracting with the hospital In the emergencydepartment
-         Is accepting cases from the emergency department to enter the dormitory under Rnet medical or ID work or proof of patient personal,  the company or the union of them be inform within 24 hours to submit a letter of transfer.
-         The patient signed recognition that absent a letter of referral within 48 hours, he will pay the cost of insurance and pay the bill in full upon discharge from the hospital.
-         In cases of medical service to provide in emergency department is treated under Rnet medical or work ID, or proof of personal and subservience to the contractor.
A full medical examination for each patient before any proceduer or surgical intervention has included the following: -
Ray examination of the chestX-
ECG of patients over 35 years old
Comprehensive Laboratory examination
( Urine analysis - CBC – Liver and Kidney Functions)
Prices of surgical operations              
Total Cost
Doctors Total Fees
Operating-Room Cost
The statement
A simple Operation
Minor Operation
Moderate Operation
Major Operation
Operation With a Special Skills
Peration with a Special Character 
Advanced Operation

These prices include the following:
• The operating room opining.
• Total fees for doctors (surgeon - anesthesia)
These prices do not include the following:
• All medications, including drugs used in anesthesia.
• Blood and blood products and alternatives.
• sutures, meshes and all supplies used in surgery.
• valves, stents, slides, pins, industrial materials and any other special requirements.
-         In case of more than one operation in a single session, fee is calculated
-         Classification of surgical operations for different specialties according to the rating of clinical cooperation.
-         According to the largest operation in classification in full  price and in
-         Addition to 50% of the wage of each other operation.