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Nephrology & Renal Transplantation Department




The department started in 2003. Its aim was to help and support the patient suffering from renal impairment and renal failure at Six October City and its districts. However, the work progressed and the department became one of the most important centers not only at Six October City but also throughout Egypt.



To become one of the most important nephrology centers not only in Egypt but in the region.


Staff & Human resources :-

The unit is organized & managed under supervision of some of the most talent & excellent professors at the Egyptian universities.


Dr. Samia Abo Raya                             Manager of the unit

Dr. Mostafa Abd El Aziz                      Consultant

Dr. Essam Kotb                                     Specialist

Dr. Atef Hassan                                     Resident


We also have a highly trained stuff of nurses & technicians.



Department Facilities :-

The unit contains eight new hemodialysis machines, serving the patients 24 hours.


The unit houses one of the most highly qualified water purification systems, that purifies the water to supply the hemodialysis machines. The water purification system is subjected to a monthly regular laboratory check up to ensure its suitability for the dialysis.


 Services Provided:-


·       Conservative management for renal impairment patients.

·       Chronic & acute hemodialysis.

·       Chronic & acute peritoneal dialysis.

·       Ultrasound guided renal biopsy.

·       Preparation for renal transplantation.

·       Renal transplantation surgery, & post-operative follow up


The work in department contains three main branches:-



Out-patient clinic: provides early detection & medical advice for renal impairment patients, radiological, and laboratory investigation & ultra sound guided renal biopsy.



Renal dialysis unit: provides medical services for renal failure patients , acute or chronic, facilitating  hemodialysis & peritoneal dialysis.


Third :-

Renal transplantation unit: The unit submits the patients & the donors to all the investigations required prior to the transplantation surgery. Renal transplantation surgery is also carried out in addition to a close follow up for the patient and the donor, intra-operative & postoperative.


The unit performs the transplantation surgery with a success rate of 98%.