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Our Emergency Department team of medical professionals has made a commitment to see patients within 30 minutes.
D ermatology


Dermatology department


    Provide high-quality medical service through highly equipped outpatient clinics, and investigative and operative facilities.

    To develop highly trained physicians who are capable to deal with patients' health problems efficiently, effectively and ethically.

Our mission also includes the contribution to dermatological research in order to supply the surrounding community with the cut edge medical care and to train future specialists in dermatology.


     To graduate competent physicians who are able to practice medicine ethically and effectively.

To train students on self-learning.

To provide efficient and competent health services.

To evaluate the effect of environment and climate changes and global warming on the skin

To evaluate occupation skin diseases in industrial cities

Out patient clinic


consultants:Dr.Tamer Hosny Dr.Amr Nada Dr.Mohamed Abd El aal

Specialists:Dr.Nagham Meky Dr.Aliaa Dr.Hend


Cosmetics:Botox  Fillers  MesoTherapy

Laser  face  rejuvenation  Acne  Treatment  of  warts  Traumatic  scars  Striae  Nevi

Investigations:  skin  biopsy 

Examination  of patients  including  skin  diseases  and  venereal  diseases

Teaching  students  and  trainning  of  residents