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Our Emergency Department team of medical professionals has made a commitment to see patients within 30 minutes.
فريق متخصص فى زراعة قوقعة الاذن للصم والبكم.



-      Provide high-quality medical service to patients.


-      Provide high-quality medical education to develop a physician who is capable to deal with patients' health problems efficiently, effectively and ethically.


-      Share in solving community health problems by providing high standards of medical care or targeted research programs.




To be one of the most reputable centers in advanced ENT technical skills.




-      To ensure the graduation of competent physicians who are able to practice medicine ethically and effectively. 

-      To provide the graduate with the necessary knowledge based on scientific principles. 

-      To train students to become self- learners. 

-      To emphasize principles of medical science, such as fundamental practical skills, and critical judgment based on evidence and experience. 

-       To qualify graduates who are able to perform the community requirements as medical practitioners.



  Medical Staff and Human resources:


  Prof. Dr.Mohamed Talaat Elghonemy ( Head of ENT Department )

  Prof. Dr. Wael Shehata ENT Consultant

  Dr. Ashraf El Rakabawy ENT Consultant

  Dr Mohamed Raslan ENT Consultant

  Dr.Khaled Abdel Rehim Consultant



Services Provided by the ENT Department:


-         Cochlear implant (the first operation was performed with 100% success on 2/6/2013).


-      All ENT diagnostic procedures.


-         Head and neck medical and surgical interventions.


-      All ENT surgeries and scientific meetings are displayed by video and Tele - conferences.