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Our Emergency Department team of medical professionals has made a commitment to see patients within 30 minutes.
Endoscopy (--Special Units--)

liver and Gastro-intestinal Unit  



- Providing high quality diagnostic and therapeutic medical services in accordance to the international standards.

- Offering high quality services for patients with various GIT and liver disorders using the most recent endoscopic machines that are sterilized automatically, according to the international guidelines in treatment protocols to outpatient and inpatient cases.

- Supporting the advanced health education to improve the skills of the staff and to improve the quality of service offered to the community. 


         To make the endoscopy unit in Six October University hospital an international diagnostic and training center and to offer a fully integrated service to the community  to minimize the incidence and complications of GIT & liver diseases in Egypt & the middle east.


       Medical Staff and Human Resources:

Endoscopy Unit:

Saturday:Dr.Mohamed Anwar

-         Sunday: Prof.Essam Nezami                           

-         Monday: Prof.Essam Nezami                            

-         Tuesday: Prof.Dr. Ahmed El Ray                     

-         Wednesday: dr.Hatem Khalil

-         Thursday: Prof.Dr. Ahmed El Ray                      

Gastroenterology &Hepatology Clinic:

Saturday: Dr.Mohamed Anwar

Sunday: Tamer ElBaz                            

Monday: Dr.Hatem Khalil

Tuesday: Dr. Mohamed El Nemr                     

Wednesday: Tamer ElBaz                            

Thursday: Prof.Dr. Ahmed El Ray  

-         Hepatic Virology Clinic:                   

Sunday: Dr. Tamer ElBaz                            

Monday:Dr.Mohamed Anwar

Tuesday:Prof.Dr.Ahmed El-Ray

Wednesday: Dr.Hatem Khalil

Facilities of the Unit:

Service provided:


The endoscopy unit offers 24 hour diagnostic & therapeutic medical services using the most recent endoscopic facilities:


1.    Upper and lower GIT diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy.

2.    Esophageal varices management

3.    Esophageal dilatation using balloon

4.    Gastric varices management

5.    Gastric Balloon for reducing weight.

6.    Sonar guided Liver Biopsy

7.     Diagnostic and therapeutic Biliary endoscopy.

8.     Pile management

9.     Management of GIT ulcers